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Feb 26 2019

The only legal marriage was between Kody and his first wife Meri until their legal divorce in September 2014. (He legally married fourth wife Robyn in December 2014 in order to legally adopt her three children (Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna). ) The other marriages are considered spiritual unions. As of 2018, Kody has been married to Meri for 28 years, Janelle for 25 years, Christine for 24 years, and Robyn for 8 years. Kody and Meri have a daughter named Mariah, their only child. Kody and Janelle have six children: daughters Madison and Savanah and sons Logan, Hunter, Garrison, and Gabriel. Kody and Christine have six children: daughters Aspyn, Mykelti, Gwendlyn, Ysabel, and Truely and son Paedon. Robyn had three children from her first marriage, which was monogamous: Dayton, Aurora, and Breanna. Kody legally adopted them in June 2015. Kody and Robyn have two children: son Solomon and daughter Ariella. The family has one grandchild, Axel, from Madison, one of Kody and Janelle’s daughters.

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