Two story house clipart

Apr 28 2019

Wynette wrote the song with David Lindsey and Glenn Tubb. The song’s lyrics – a couple buying a “two-story house” – are a metaphor for a failed marriage. A young couple reflects on working hard to achieve the dream of owning a large two-story house but, in working to achieve the goal, they rarely are able to spend time together to consummate their love. When it comes time to make the move, the couple becomes the envy of their neighbors and the house is quickly filled with such things as rare antiques, marble floors, chandeliers and more. . . but the most important element – love between the couple – is missing. The background vocals were sung by The Jordanaires. Tammy and George, who divorced bitterly in 1975, performed the song together on the Jones HBO television special With a Little Help From My Friends in 1980.

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