Sven the reindeer clipart free

Jan 09 2019

In order to study reindeer for the development of the film Frozen (2013), produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios and codirected by Chris Buck and Jennifer Lee, the filmmakers went to a reindeer farm management in Roros, Norway, owned by the Sami people. The animation team also decided to bring a real-life reindeer into the studio to analyze its mannerisms and implement them into Sven’s portrayal. The animators remarked how the reindeer scratched behind its ears using its back legs similarly to how dogs do, and they decided to make this one of Sven’s habits as well. Nevertheless, after realizing that the reindeer did not do much besides standing in the same place, the animators decided to depict Sven as “an excited dog” and “an inquisitive pooch that sniffs around the place”. Animator John Lasseter highlighted the resemblance between his Labrador and Sven due to how both of them act. The filmmakers had initially planned to give the name “Thor” to the character, but the idea was discarded due to the excessive usage of this name among the company.

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