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Nov 21 2019

Asked in a January 2008 interview if there had been any progress when it comes to putting down ideas for the next Helmet album, Hamilton replied: “No. I’ve been busy working on jazz tunes. I’ve written four songs since the last tour ended but they’re for this movie I’m working on. It has been nice though as I like to clear out the old palette and do other things. Helmet put two albums out in 18 months, Size Matters and Monochrome, so I think the next album has got to wait. I’m planning to sit down and write a couple songs in March but that is assuming I can get on a roll before we head out to Australia. But we probably won’t get an album out until the end of the year. ” In that interview, Hamilton was hoping that he could “do two more albums and that there is also interest on the touring front. But as long as we can go play shows and people come out to them and I feel good about what we’re doing, then we’ll do it. Realistically, I’m thinking of two more albums after Monochrome as in two years I’ll be fifty years old. So I’m thinking will I be capable? It is very physically demanding and people kind of under estimate the energy you have to put out to play this music. And I don’t go out to do a half-assed job. So as long as I can maintain that high level and still feel great, I’ll think about doing it. ”

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