Hanni el khatib family clipart

May 25 2019

The album’s final track “I Got A Thing,” a cover of the 1970 Funkadelic single “I Got A Thing…” that was recorded by Josh Marcy, reached more than 2 million YouTube views in August 2011. It was licensed for a Nike advertising campaign to serve as what NPR called a “modern surf, skate and all-around shredding anthem. ” In the spring of 2012, El Khatib added a keyboard/organ player to his touring band to better recreate the sound of his album.
In 2012, El Khatib met Black Keys’ frontman Dan Auerbach by chance in a bar during a shared DJ set in Paris. Later that year he recorded his second album Head In The Dirt in three weeks at Auerbach’s Nashville studio Easy Eye. It was released on Innovative Leisure on April 30, 2013, and was described as “desert-burned blues rock boosted by punk, soul and hip-hop – music that has a retro heart but couldn’t have been made before 2013” by Rolling Stone. Its track “Can’t Win ‘Em All” was featured in a popular Audi commercial that ran during Super Bowl XLVII and was reported to have reached 114 million Americans.

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