Grumpier old men fishing scene clipart

Nov 17 2019

After realizing that their own inability to properly plan a wedding is what drove their kids to call it off, they decide to set it right. They help Jacob and Melanie reconcile, and manage to catch “Catfish Hunter” but they reluctantly decide to release it so it can be with John’s father in the lake, then clarify their own drama. After they let it go, they realize that they’re late to a wedding happening in town and rush to the church as quickly as they can. The wedding is revealed to be for Max and Maria, who have reconciled. On the way to their honeymoon, they discover Max’s one-eyed bulldog, Lucky, in the car with them, being put there by John earlier as a prank. Ragetti’s is also reformed so it will be both a restaurant and a bait shop.

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