Crocodile tears clipart images

Mar 16 2019

Six months later, Alex Rider is on vacation with Sabina Pleasure and her family in Scotland, and they go to the New Year’s Party in Kilmore Castle. During the journey, Sabina’s father, Edward Pleasure, tells Alex about their host Desmond McCain. During the party, Alex meets McCain himself and is drawn into a game of Texas Hold’Em Poker with him and another man, Leonard Straik. Alex ends up winning the game but decides to donate all the money to First Aid (McCain’s charity). When they are driving back home, one of their car’s tires blows and it plunges into the loch below. Alex frees Sabina and Edward from the sunken car wreck which almost kills them. They wash up on the shore and luckily all three are rescued by a man named Rahim, whose origins are currently unknown. Despite his doubts that it was a sniper, Alex ignores it and returns to London.

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