Bramlage coliseum attendance clipart

Nov 15 2019

Before every game, the crowd sings Wildcat Victory, the Kansas State fight song, and then rocks back and forth to the Wabash Cannonball. As the K-State players make their way from the locker room to the court, the crowd chants, “Bring on the Cats, Bring on the Cats, Bring on the Cats. ” When the Cats hit the floor the crowd erupts and rises to their feet. While the opposing team’s starting lineup is announced, the student section shakes newspapers, and after each name chants, “So What” “Who Cares” “Who’s He?” “Big Deal” “Go Home,” and then rips the papers and throws them in the air at the beginning of the introduction of the Kansas State starting lineup. Each time an opposing player commits a foul the student section chants the number of fouls that player has, and every time a K-State player sinks a three-point basket, the announcer says the name of the player followed by “for”, and then the crowd echoes “three!” Following a K-State victory, the crowd performs a “K-S-U Wildcats” chant. If an opposing team’s player fouls out of the game, the crowd chants “left, right, left” for each step. If he stands, they chant “standing, standing” until the player sits down, at which time the crowd yells “Sit down!”

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